Friday, March 29, 2013

Viking and Bear

The first drawing is a Viking and L'Anse aux Meadows(which is a famous archaeological site of a Viking settlement in Newfoundland, Canada) and the second piece which I did in highschool is a collage(the tree on the left, branch on right, bear and alligator are glued on and coloured in pencil, while almost everything else is watercolour). The inspiration of both these drawings are from the Franco-Belgian comics that I have enjoyed reading as a child and still do such as Asterix, The Smurfs, and Tintin. In these cases it is more of an Uderzo(Asterix) style which is called the "Comic Dynamic" style that is known for its extreme agitated drawings. The lines are also supposed to vary in thickness to accent the drawing such as the tree in the second piece and a little bit of the Viking in the first.

 I do like the detail that goes into American comics but personally for me the graphic style of European comics such as the French(bande dessinée) is something I find so appealing. One day in the future I'm going to have to create my own little library of all the Tintin albums, Smurfs, Asterix, Lucky Luke, and as many Franco-Belgian comics that have captured my imagination as a child.

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